Sunday, August 26, 2012

Are These The Best Hiking Socks on the Market?

I recently hiked with a pair of Drymax hiking socks without wearing sock liners. I have worn sock liners for years, but Drymax socks state they keep your feet dry. Moisture is one of the causes of blisters. Personally I would prefer not to where sock liners, so finding a hiking sock that I do not need to wear sock liners with would be great!


Anti-Blister System: Seamlessly smooth interior and stay dry fabric prevents blisters
Active Oder Control: MicroZap silver antimicobial fibers fight odors
3D Advance Fit:  5 sizes and a special 3D foot model help the socks fit correctly

My Findings:

First, it was a hot and humid day and my t-shirt was soaked throughout the distance of the hike. My feet were dry the entire hike. I never felt any hotspots, and, I did not get any blisters. Also, the socks did not smell like most other socks after a hike. This style of sock also fit my feet exceptionally well.   
Based on my findings I highly recommend the Drymax hiking socks.

Here's the exact socks I wore:

Drymax Cold Weather Running Over the Calf
Great video (very short) about Drymax socks:

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