Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hidden Peak Hike Re-Routed

Hidden Peak stands deep within Black Velvet Canyon, which is in South Red Rock Canyon. This is a seldom hiked peak due to the popularity of Black Velvet Peak. The first part of the route travels through Black Velvet Canyon, one of the best canyons in all of Red Rock.

About halfway through the canyon the route heads north into a large gully. This gully is solid with little chance for rockfall. As the route heads west it travels up a very loose gully with large boulders. We changed the route to avoid the loose boulders in the gully.

As seen in the photo  below (photo shows hikers descending) the route leaves the gully by the tree and heads north (right) up a solid sandstone slab. It then heads west where it soon meets up with the standard route. From there it's only 10 minutes to the summit.

If you do this hike, let me know how you like the new route.