Thursday, November 17, 2011

Anniversary Narrows Closed

The hike to the incredible Anniversary Narrows is closed, sort of. Actually what is closed is part of Lovell Wash that leads to the start of Anniversary Narrows. This is by the mines. Apparently the mines are either being sealed off for lower insurance premiums (reduce risk) or the owner has started mining the mines again.

There's a way to still do this hike and not hike by the mines. The photo is pretty self explanatory:

  • Park where you have always parked or walk the gravel road to this point.
  • Walk cross country as the red line indicates (about a mile).
  • Drop down into Lovell Canyon just before the start of the Narrows.
Admittedly not as good as the orginal route, but this should work. I have not done this yet, but I think this will work fine. There might be a few old roads to follow. It's hard to tell.