Monday, November 14, 2011

Gold Strike Hot Springs Update

On Saturday (11-12-2011), Kathy and I hiked Gold Strike Hot Springs. A lot has changed since I first did this hike back in the 90's. First and foremost the main hot springs is dry. It was the best hot springs with lots of room for people and very hot water. See the then and now photos.

Now the best hot springs is small (room for maybe 10 people) and the water is only warm, not hot. This is just one of many disappointments. The route is littered with empty water bottles from people too lazy to carry them out. The constant buzzing of helicopters flying overhead is annoying.

There are enough ropes on the route to hang enough politicians to make a real change :) Some of the ropes are not in great shape. I did this hike back in 2009 and I don't remember so many ropes, maybe the floods changed the route. Most of the ropes are needed due to the rock being slippery.


All in all, this hike was a disappointment and I will probably not do this hike again. No big deal for me. I am not a fan of Lake Mead to start with and the hot springs hikes are really not my thing anyway. One thing for sure, in another few years the route will again change.

What's Next: Update on Anniversary Narrows Closure