Friday, January 13, 2012

52 Peak Club and Follow Us on Facebook

If you are a hiker living in Las Vegas, you should join the 52 Peak Club.

What is the 52 Peak Club?
The 52 Peak Club is a unique club that motivates you to improve your fitness level and become healthier by getting outdoors and hiking the best 52 Peaks around Las Vegas. Each time you stand at a peak with Hiking Las Vegas/ you get a one-of-a-kind playing card. These cards are not available to the public. The goal is to get all 52 cards by hiking/scrambling to all 52 peaks. Once you have climbed all 52 peaks, you will climbed over 100,000 feet and hike the equivalent from Las Vegas to Los Angles!!! Not many people can say they have done that.

How Do I Join?
First you must be a member of Meetup- Hiking Las Vegas. It's free to join. More information here.
Now, go to this page and sign up to become part of the 52 Peak Club.
Start signing up to go on hikes and earn cards.

52 Peak Club Party

I am having a party for all members of the 52 Peak Club in March. All 52ers who attend will have a chance to win some great prizes (they must have earned at least one card before the party).
Prizes include:

  • Two $35 REI gift certificates
  • Two Geigerrig daypacks ($100 each)
  • Seven Las Vegas Adviser Coupon books (over $1000 in coupons)
  • A Nikon camera ($150)
  • Men's Baselayer Midweight pants by Columbia ($55)
  • Tilly TTMC Airflo Cap ($65)

More prizes are being added weekly.

Join Our Facebook Group

It's free, quick to join, and you can add your comments, videos and photos. I and others update this page almost daily. It's the best way to keep up on what's happening in the hiking world.
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