Friday, August 19, 2011

South Loop and Cathedral Rock Trailheads Closed - $275 Fine!

South Loop Trail and Cathedral Rock Trails in Mt. Charleston are closed. Anyone caught on these trails will face a $275 fine per person. This is in effect immediately. I have no idea and can't find out any information from the US Forestry service how long these trails will be closed. 

Cathedral Rock Trail

Cathedral Rock Trail is also closed just above the steps by the bathrooms. This means there's no access to Cathedral Rock or South Loop Trails. I have never seen posted $275 fines in Mt. Charleston. 

North Loop Trail
What if you take North Loop Trail to Charleston Peak and descend the South Loop Trail? I have no idea. I talked to two rangers who did not know the trails were closed. I called another ranger who will not be back until Monday. I left a message with a third person and have not heard back from them yet.