Monday, August 22, 2011

South Loop Trail is Opened

South Loop Trail, one of the most popular trails in Mt. Charleston, is opened. Cathedral Rock Picnic Area, where the South Loop trailhead is located, is closed for at least a year.

How Do I Hike On The South Loop Trail?

This is convoluted, but it works. Take the stairs by the bathroom and turn left at the McDonald's. Couldn't resist, but the real route is almost as crazy. Ascend the stairs by the bathroom; go left on the connector trail to the official Cathedral Rock Trail; descend the Cathedral Rock trail to the road and walk south 10 yards to the signed South Loop Trail.  I spoke to the recreation planner today and that is what he said, so this is official.

Cathedral Rock Picnic Area

The Cathedral Rock Picnic Area will be closed for at least a year, maybe longer. It is being remodel. Eventually there will be one trail leading from near the bathroom to both trails. Initially, the picnic area was to be closed at the start of the summer.

Until next time...