Monday, August 15, 2011

Two Great Hikes for Members of Hiking Las Vegas

Recently I added one new hike and updated another hike for members of Hiking Las The new hike I added was: Fletcher Peak via the North Loop Trail. I had completely overlooked that this route was missing from my website.

Very Scenic

The North Loop trail is very scenic in itself. A little over a mile in you come to a flat plateau where numerous weathered bristlecones stand. This is a great place to camp and take photos of evening and morning light on the bristlecones.

Once you turn off the the North Loop trail onto the path that leads to Fletcher Peak, the views are even better. Besides the weathered bristlesones, there are great views of the entire Cockscomb Ridge and Charleston Peak. You really should bring a camera on this hike.

Here's a video showing the turnoff for Fletcher Peak.  

Missing Register

The register is gone from Fletcher Peak. In fact two other parties did the hike on the same day as I did and emailed me they could not find the register.
If you do this hike and there's a register, please let me know.
Stats for the Fletcher Peak hike:

Distance: 7.25 miles — up and back
Elevation gain: 2,214 feet
Highest elevation: 10,319 feet
Time: 3 to 4 hours — up and back
Difficulty: 3
Class: 1

Bonanza Peak

This is a remote peak near Cold Creek, which is about 55 miles from Las Vegas. It's a trail hike except for the last .25 mile. Did you know there's only one peak in Mt. Charleston that has an official trail to the summit?( I will give the answer at the bottom of this post.)
We just did the hike on Saturday, the 13th of August. The wild flowers at the saddle were amazing.

Wild Horses

I have done this hike at least eight times and have always seen wild horses. This time we saw them just off the road. I did not count, but I must have seen 20 horses. It's pretty amazing to think in 2011 there are still wild horses in Nevada.

Stats for the Bonanza Peak hike:

Distance: 10 miles – up and back
Elevation gain: 2,300 feet
Elevation of Peak: 10,400 feet
Time: 5 to 6 hours – up and back
Difficulty: 3
Class: 1

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Charleston Peak is the only peak the has an official trail to the summit.