Thursday, May 12, 2011

Make Your Feet Feel Better

Your feet get you to the peak and back to your car. You have to treat them right or suffer the consequences. Insoles help cushion the impact on both your feet and knees. Let's be honest: The insoles that come with most hiking shoes/boots are a joke.

Most hikers have heard of Superfeet and they are good, but the Red Wing Insoles are better  Why? These insoles are custom fit for your feet. How? You actually put them in the oven to heat them and then into your shoes and put your shoes on. The insoles mold to your feet! Complete instructions are included and it's easy to do.

This gives you:
Ultimate Comfort
Optimum Support
Pain Relief

Red Wing stands behind this product by offering you these guarantees:
1. 90 Day Ultimate Fit Guarantee: If this isn't the best fitting insoles you have 90 Days to return it for a full refund!
2. Two Year Cushion Guarantee: The Softec layer will not bottom out for at least two years or they will replace your insoles for free!

Here's another great benefit: You do NOT have to ship the insoles and wait for a new pair. Just bring them back to Red Wing at 4616 W. Charleston (Charleston and Decatur). You can buy these insoles at Red Wing and also buy the Vasque Screes approach shoes for Red Rock Canyon and the Breeze hiking boots for hiking in Mt. Charleston.

I have a pair of these insoles and will not go hiking without them - Branch