Monday, May 9, 2011

Fletcher Canyon and Big Falls: Two Perfect Hikes!

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Both Fletcher Canyon and Big Falls are flowing big-time with all the recent snow melt. These are great family hikes. There's no snow in Fletcher Canyon, so you do not have to worry about busting through snow bridges. This is the best time to do this hike.
Stats for Fletcher Canyon
Distance: 4 miles - up and back
Elevation gain:  600 feet
Elevation of Peak: none
Time: 2 hours - up and back
Difficulty:  2
Class: 1-2

Big Falls

Big Falls is the most spectacular waterfall in Mt. Charleston. It's 100 feet high and right now water crashes into a 40 foot deep snow hole. Once you enter the wash you walk on snow, which is actually much easier and faster than hiking up the wash.  You can easily do both hikes in one day. The trailheads are only eight miles apart. See video below.
Stats for Big Falls:
Distance: 3.50 miles – up and back
Elevation gain: 800 feet
Elevation highest point: 8,700 feet
Time: 2 hours – up and back, plus time spent at Big Falls
Difficulty: 2
Class: 2 - Class 1 now
Both hikes are located in Mt. Charleston, which is only 35 miles west of Las Vegas, NV. To get step by step directions for these hikes, click here.

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