Monday, April 25, 2011

Cool Hikes You Don't Know

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I have been hiking and exploring for 15 years now and have done some great hikes you probably don't know.
Here's a list in no particular order of these great hikes:

Manley Beacon - Death Valley - This dirt pinnacle looks impossible to climb, but it's actually easy! What's cool about it: A 300 yard long, very exposed ridgeline walk to the summit.
Bridge Mtn - Zion - Impossible looking peak in Zion. There's mega expousre on this route. Only a handful of hikers have stood at the summit.
China Date Ranch Overlook Loop - Tecopa, CA - Been to the Date Ranch wishing there was a cool hike close by? There is! Great views and an impossible looking route make this a winner!
Eva's Tower - Red Rock - Cool red pinnacle under Bridge Point. This is another route that looks impossible.
Eagle Mtn - boarder of NV and CA. - One of the best desert peaks in the southwest. You have to walk a semi knife edge ridge to the summit.

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