Sunday, October 17, 2010

REI Traverse 30 Pack

It was time for a new daypack. I wanted to go with something a little smaller for tight chimneys and slots in Red Rock Canyon. REI has a sale and I really liked their Lookout 40 pack, but it's big for Red Rock. I bought the Traverse 30 pack instead.

It's less expensive than the Lookout 40, a little narrower (big plus), slightly lighter and has several key fobs. With six pockets it's easy to stay organized. It even has a pocket in the waist-belt for easy retrieval of small items, plus a built in rainfly!

I wore it on a hike to Decision Peak in Red Rock Canyon. This is a moderate scrambling hike with some tight squeezes. I did not hear it scrape against the sandstone like larger packs I have worn.  Also I did not feel it extended backwards too far. Since it is smaller I can't fit as much gear into it keeping the size and weight down.  Overall I was very impressed with the pack and would recommend it.