Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pick Your Hikes Carefully in Red Rock

On Wednesday (2-3), Kenny, Brian and others made it to the summit of Magic Mountain in Red Rock Canyon. Since most of the route faces east and south, they did not encounter snow and ice. As you can see in the photo (to the left) the upper part of the Juniper Peak route has lots of snow. And, guess what, it's north facing!

There are several hikes out of Calico Basin that are the first routes to become snow free. These routes are east facing and are at a lower elevation than other routes in Red Rock. Here's a short list of routes that are some of the first that become snow free:
Calico Traverse * Kraft Mtn Up and Across * Calico Tank Peak * Calico Tank and Peak East Face Route * Turtlehead Junior * Mescalito southern route. Of course any of the easy hikes the travel to the waterfalls are doable.

Why hike when the routes have snow and ice? There are so many nice days in Vegas. Obviously you can eliminate the problem completely by hiking around Lake Mead. I just updated the Hamblin Mtn route and there's the Bowl of Fire hikes, which are always fun.

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