Sunday, January 31, 2010

Waterfalls at Red Rock Canyon

With all the recent snow and sun, the waterfalls are flowing big time at Red Rock Canyon, just 20 miles west of Las Vegas, NV. On Saturday (1-30), Kenny, Nancy, Kathy and I hiked to Mud Springs Waterfall, one of the best and least known waterfalls in Red Rock. We eliminated the loose and dangerous ascent up the slope for a much safer and scenic route to the middle falls. Actually there are three sets of waterfalls. The lowest waterfall drops into the wash and when flowing at a good rate, is a double waterfall. The middle waterfall is the one in the photo to the left. The upper falls are very hard to find, but are the most dramatic.
There's a video at the end of the blog.

On Sunday, Kathy and I hiked to Upper Lost Creek Waterfall. Again the waterfalls were flowing. Hurry as these waterfalls will be dry soon. There was hardly any snow and no ice. This is not true for most of the peaks in Red Rock.

Notes: I updated the hike to Mud Springs Waterfall and the hike to Hamblin Mountain. This is a major upgrade for Hamblin Mountain with better photos, GPS waypoints and a different route. Members can download both of these hikes now!