Thursday, November 12, 2009

White Rock Hills Peak via North Ridge Route

Yesterday (11-11), on Veteran's Day Davis and I found a much better route to White Rock Hills Peak from the north. The photo to the left is an approximation of the route. The boulder the route passes is amazing. Where did it fall from?

The upper part of the route hooks up with the Surprise Canyon route, a great route founded by Eva and Richard. In fact you have the option of descending via Surprise Canyon route.

Near the summit we saw a huge big horn sheep. I have not seen many big horns lately. On the flip side we saw burros as we drove the Scenic Loop. I thoght the BLM rounded them up and moved them. I just published the route. Members can download it now.

Hikers wanted: If you want to do this hike, let me know. I will let you download the hiking directions for free. All I ask is for you to give me your opinion on the route. How you liked it and how easy it was to follow. Email me if interested: BranchWhitney AT (replace "AT" with the "@" symbol.)

Note: We placed a sign-in book at White Rock Springs Peak.