Saturday, November 14, 2009

Britt's Loop and Rainbow Wall

On Friday Kathy and I hiked one of the best, short scrambling routes in Red Rock Canyon. It's called Britt's Loop and it starts at Calico Hills Overlook II, the second pullout on the Scenic Loop Road. This is one fun hike that can be done in 60 to 90 minutes. It has a bit of everything: bouldering, scaling walls, and a slot so tight you have to take off your daypack to fit through! It's a great class 3 route that is short enough so anyone in decent shape can complete. Members can download this hike now!

Today 14 hikers made it to the top of the 1,200 foot Rainbow Wall via Oak Creek Canyon. This is a great workout type hike without any exposure. It's a strenuous hike with one very steep section, a real calf burner. There was a little water running in the north fork of Oak Creek. At the summit we had a stiff breeze that drove us off the peak in a few minutes. Click to watch a short video of the hike below.

During our descent we saw a couple of big horn sheep. These are the first bighorns I have seen this autumn. Normally I see bighorns every other hike.