Monday, November 16, 2009

Hiking Round Up For the Week of November 15th

Lots of people doing a lot of hikes this past week.
On Friday, Ed, Luba and Harlan drove out to Castle Peaks in Nevada (photo to the left) and climbed the summit pinnacle. They placed an anchor for the tricky descent off of the pinnacle on what Ed termed "crappy rock." I was out there about a year ago and found the rock to be typical of Lake Mead rock: crappy!

On Sunday, Richard, Eva, Peter, Doyle, and Doc Z. did yet another route to White Rock Hills Peak. This is a variation of the Diamond Ridge route. They then descended part of Surprise Canyon and traversed back to Willow Springs parking area.

Mike, Adam and others on the same Sunday hiked to Mescaltio via the Northern Route and then descended the shortcut route. They had some interesting climbing to say the least. It's hard for me to tell from photos if they followed the original route.

Also on Sunday, Kathy and I scrambled up Surprise Canyon for an exploratory hike. Since we did not have a lot of time, we did not get too far, but found what looks to be an interesting side canyon that might intersect the canyon with the rope. We placed more cairns at the start of the canyon. I have always had trouble following the route there. The path leading to the canyon is very well cairned and now starts at these two boulders, which are about two thirds of a mile from the trailhead. This is just before the trail makes a sharp bend to the left.

If any readers want me to mention which hikes they have done, email me.

Note: It snowed in Mt. Charleston over the weekend, but I don't know how much. It appears the snow starts around 10,000 feet. If anyone has information, please email me.