Monday, November 23, 2009

Hiking Updates

First and most important the ladder at the Arizona Hot Spring hike has been removed for repairs. I called the rangers at Lake Mead and they do not have an estimate as to when the ladder will be back. I will follow up on this.

On Friday, Davis and I tried to gain the summit of Burlap Buttress. This is the only named peak that I have not stood on. It's located in South Red Rock. As we scrambled to a notch I had a feeling I had been at the notch before. Sure enough once at the notch I realized Peter and I were there (by a different route) years ago. From the notch the west face of Burlap Buttress is a technical climb. We retraced our steps and started up the higher of two ramps only to find it also ended in a technical climb.

We decided we still had enough time to scramble up the lower ramp. We followed it to the eastern end where Kenny and I had been a few months ago. Our options did not look good. We decided to leave before it got dark and return another time. It apppears there will be at least one class 5 section to reach the summit.

On Saturday, 14 hikers followed the new route to White Rock Hills Peak from the north. This is a much improved route than the original route. Near the summit the route meets up with the Surprise Canyon route. We were back to the cars in a little less than six hours. You can also bag White Rock Springs Peak.

On Sunday, Peter, Doyle, Richard, Eva and Doc Z. hike to Oak Creek Peak. This is a great moderate scramble in Red Rock Canyon. I have not been there in a few years. Ed Forkos and others found this route.

Unfortunately, a number of hikers are out with injuries. This is just a reminder you have to be careful out there.

Notes: The sign-in books at White Rock Hills Peak and Oak Creek Peak is in good shape.