Saturday, November 28, 2009

Magic Mtn, Anniversary Narrows Peak and More

On Thanksgiving, 10 hikers followed one of the wildest routes in Red Rock Canyon to the summit of Magic Mountain.This has been an annual Thanksgiving Day hike for the last few years. It's short enough to be back at the cars before noon. This is really a fun hike. Video of the chimney climb at the end of the blog.

On Friday, five of us hiked to Anniversary Narrows Peak in the Lake Mead area. This is one of the better hikes in the area. The rock is generally loose so caution is the name of the game when scrambling.

The blockage in the Narrows is much easier now. Small children and dogs can be lifted over the boulder. I have a photo from a few years ago. Gravel has filled in almost three feet of the bottom of the Narrows. Pretty incredible what nature can do and pretty incredible how stupid a man (boy) can be.

Notes: If anyone finds a climbing shoe in Lost Creek Canyon, please contact me.