Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hiking Updates

Lot's to write about today. First Joseph place containers and registers on White Rock Pinnacle and Wilson South Summit. Both are great peaks and needed new registers and containers.

Paul reported the rope is gone that use to assist hikers on the descent before the main hot springs at Gold Strike Hot Springs . This is not a big deal. The down climb is very easy. The main pool is completely dry! I have never seen it dry before. There are two pools further down the canyon that still have water in them.

On Thursday I went out and tried to improve the White Rock Hills Peak via the North Ridge route. I did find a better descent off of White Rock Springs Peak, but it's very loose in one spot. The traverse over to the ridge is very easy now. From there I followed a more direct route staying on the ridge as much as I could. Once near the peak the route deteriorated. It's loose and without any landmarks. I want to connect the route with the final climbs from the Surprise Canyon route. This would make it a good hike.

On Saturday (11-7), we hiked Pine Creek Peak, one of the best routes in Red Rock Canyon. Stats on this hike are: 7.5 miles, 2,240 feet of elevation gain and about 6.5 hours to complete. The route is in good shape and I placed a new sign-in book at the summit. Slide Show of this hike
Short video clip of the hike below: