Wednesday, August 12, 2009

10 Years Ago

I was looking back at what use to be the old blog. The very first entry was dated 12-21-98. I wrote about a rescue of two young rock climbers in Red Rock Canyon. A little more than a week later we hiked Bridge Mountain on New Year's Day. We have never been able to do that again due to snow and ice at that time of the year.

During the summer of 1999, I published some of the best routes in Mt. Charleston including: Charleston Peak via Big Falls, Charleston Peak via Carpenter Canyon, Mummy Head to Toe, and the traditional route to Mummy via the Scree Slope. I added two more classic hikes: Mt. Whitney via the Mountaineers Route and Boundary Peak! Seems like I was very busy!

Weather wise this has to be one of the weirdest summer I have seen. This June was the coolest on record; the Monsoon season started in early July; August has been great so far. The Monsoon season disappeared and temperatures have been below normal!

Looking forward to the rest of this month Kathy and I will be climbing Mt. Conness, Blacksmith Peak, and canyoneering through Orderville canyon. Members will soon be able to download these hikes. Have a good rest of the summer.