Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mummy Head to Toe

Wow! On Sunday, (8-9) nine hikers did the five peaks that make up Mummy Mountain. Our first victim was Mummy's Nose via the North Ridge route. This is a very steep route with some loose scree, everyone's favorite! We like others in the past stayed on the lower ledge too long due to a path that others had made. We got back on the correct route and continued. After a mega excursion we made it to Mummy's Nose only to find Shin waiting for us. He had misunderstood where the trailhead was and climbed to the peak via the standard route I had found years ago.

One down and four to go!
We now followed the standard route down to the saddle that lies between Mummy's Nose and Mummy's Forehead and Chin. Once we climbed the class 4 wall, it was an uneventful walk to Mummy's Forehead. Two peaks down; three to go!

Now things get interesting. There's an very exposed traverse along the ridge that separates the Forehead from the Chin. The other option is to descend losing about 250 feet and then having to ascend scree to get to the saddle. Well, we discovered a third route. This route avoided the exposed traverse, but did not lose any elevation. We were soon on Mummy's Chin, our third peak of the day! Three down and two to go!

The route to Mummy's Belly, the high point of Mummy Mtn. (11,542 feet), loses elevation and has one tricky downclimb. We used webbing to assist hikers on the downclimb. From there it's an easy walk to the start of the 500 foot ascent to Mummy's highest point. We were at the summit around 1:30. Four peaks down and one to go.

The route to Mummy's Toe has some eye catching treats. Wild rock formations and great vistas overlooking the North Loop trail make for an enjoyable trek to the saddle that lies just below the summit. From the saddle it's a 15 minutes hike to the peak, our 5th and final peak of the day!

Notes: Adam placed an ammo box at Mummy's Forehead. Mummy's Toe needs a new book and container. The North Ridge route to Mummy's Nose is very hard to follow along the ledges. The problem is a path has been created that goes to a dropoff. You have to backtrack about 40 yards and gain the higher ledge.
Years ago we did a more difficult version of this hike. We hiked to Mummy's Chin, Forehead, Tummy, Charleston Peak and Griffith Peak.