Thursday, August 13, 2009

Various Updates

This weekend (15th and 16th) all National Parks are letting people in for free. No passes are needed! These are National Parks, not state parks. Valley of Fire is a state park and is not part of this program. Zion is a National Park, hence it's free this weekend. Red Rock Canyon is allowing free entry this weekend.

I just bought a Garmin 60 csx GPS. I have never used a GPS to find a route and I have found over 75 routes in Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston. I am selling my Delorme PN20 GPS. Its in very good condition and comes with Topo USA 7.0. Contact me if you are interested.

This weekend Kathy and I are hiking to Mummy's Nose via the North Ridge route. We will make sure nobody has a problem following the route up the ledge system. On Saturday we will hike The Sisters and then we are off to Carpenter Canyon for the overnighter with

Well, access to the Members Only section is down again. The file becomes corrupted on the server. I have no control over this and I am getting very tired of this. At this point I can't even get in. If you want a hike, email me and I can send you the hike (file) via email.