Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trips, Trips and More Trips

This weekend I will be camping at Gold Point, Nevada, a small ghost town near Tonopah. Doesn't sound like something I would do until you realize it's only 90 minutes from the Sierra. Saturday a few of us will drive over to the Sierra and hike the North Fork trail to Sam Mack Meadow. I am not sure how far we can go due to the snow, but I will certainly find out and report back to everyone.

Our next adventure is the Subway in early June. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. The Subway is located in Zion and looks to be one of the best hikes/canyoneering outings in the country. Permits are very hard to obtain. We are entering the Subway via Russell Gultch. Along with a few easy raps, there are a few short swims in cold water. It should be interesting!

A few weeks after the Subway I will be backpacking Paria Canyon, one of the best slot canyons in the world. This is an easy backpack with incredible scenery from the photos I have seen. I will add both the Subway and Paria Canyon to the member's only section of this web site.

I have already made plans for Labor Day Weekend. I will be leading the North Face Route to Lone Pine Peak in the Sierrra. This is one of my favorite routes and one I and others found a few years ago.

I'm also planning to return to the Sawtooth Range and bag Blacksmith Peak this time. We failed last year due to a poor route description. We will also backpack to Hungry Packer Lake and do various peaks including Picture Peak, one of the best looking peaks in the Sierra.