Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Benefits of Mt. Charleston Hiking

People who know me know I love Red Rock (RR). Mt. Charleston is a distant third. The Sierra being a close second to Red Rock; however, there are benefits of hiking in Mt. Charleston.

The benefits are listed below, but first safety advice. Put a windbreaker in your pack now. Bring layers of clothing and do not wear clothes made out of cotton. Starting in mid-July get an early start due to thunderstorms. Know where you are going; it's easy to get lost in Charleston due to the trees the block your view of key landmarks and peaks.

* It's a great cardio workout due to more mileage and hiking at higher elevations.
* It's easier on the body. You are not contorting your body as you do on many of the RR hikes.
* No fees or hours of restrictions.
* You will have a better cardio workout the next day, due to being at elevation the day before.