Sunday, April 26, 2009

Terrace Canyon Peak and Bridge Mtn and Bridge Point

Lots of hiking this weekend. First, on Saturday, nine hikers followed the insane route to Terrace Canyon Peak. The route has lots of climbing and some real exposure. Kathy, new to scrambling, handled the route with ease. Tracy, the other newbie, did equally as well.

I had planned the hike with another Meetup organizer so his group could take photos of our group as we climbed out of Terrace Canyon. They got a few decent shots of us. By 1:30 we were sitting on the summit trying to hide from the wind.

The descent route is very fast. We were down in the wash in about 30 minutes. Everyone did well and really enjoyed the hike.

On Sunday I led the classic hike: Bridge Mtn and Bridge Point from Pine Creek. This is a strenuous, 9 mile hike, gaining 4,200 feet in elevation. It's one of those impossible looking routes.
After bagging Bridge Mtn. we descended the Hidden Waterfall at the north end of the Hidden Forest. As you can see in the photo above, there was snow. It made for an interesting descent. About 30 minutes later we were standing on the summit of Bridge Point. In another two hours we were at the trailhead.

Kenny reported it snowed while he was hiking to Hayford Peak on Saturday. To say this April has seen its share of weird weather is an understatement.
Notes: Fern Canyon is a mess due to down trees. There's a new book at Bridge Mtn. The Terrace Canyon Peak route is well cairned. Both sign-ins books at Bridge Point and Terrace Canyon Peak have plenty of blank pages.