Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Long Hike Out of Calico Basin

Today (4-29), eight of us hiked to two peaks making it a six hour hike. Not bad for a hike that starts and ends in Calico Basin. First we followed the Double Slot Route to Turtlehead Jr. This is one of the best short routes in Red Rock.

The first slot is amazing with lots of wild climbing to get through it. Debbie and I accidentally found this slot a couple of winters ago, but could not explore it due to ice and snow.

The second slot is just below the peak. Some fancy pack passing is needed to get hikers and their packs through the slot. We had a discussion at the peak and decided to hike over to Gray Cap Peak.

We descended via the log and followed the trail into Gateway Canyon to the turnoff for the Hidden Twin Tanks route. About halfway up the route we headed north and picked up Richard's route to Gray Cap Peak. This is a fun route. Luckily all the cairns are still up.

A great day, fairly long hike and no driving the Scenic Loop!
Notes: Books and containers at both peaks are in good shape.