Saturday, May 2, 2009

Crabby Appleton Peak

Crabby Appleton is such a fun route that it's hard to believe I was the first one to sign the book in 2009! This is a moderate route in length (barely), with lots of fun scrambling, great vistas and it's a round trip route. I followed the route that goes into the south, south fork of Pine Creek. Walking across the red and white sandstone just beneath the summit and looking down on the Scenic Loop Road is one of the coolest experiences a hiker can have in Red Rock. And then there's the down climb with almost 500 feet of air below. Funny how it gets real quite when hikers are on the down climb.
I built some new cairns to make the route easier to follow. Also the sign-in book is not in the summit cairn. Instead it is off to the left in a crack. See the above photo.