Thursday, March 12, 2009

Red Rock Parking Lot Closed!

Today as we drove through the fee booth we were informed that the parking lot next to the fee booth will be closed until December starting Monday, March 16th. No alternative parking lot will be made available. This is unbelievable. As anyone knows who has been to Red Rock recently parking is a problem. This will be a mess.

I suggest parking at the Albertsons of off Desert Foothold road. It's the last road with a stop light before Red Rock Canyon. There's plenty of parking there and if hikers forget water etc., they can run into Albertsons.

Today six of us did the Bridge Point Slot Traverse hike. It's a wild route that travels through an amazing slot below Bridge Point. Due to the numerous places you have to haul up packs, I would not do this hike with more than six hikers. Of course members can download this hike now, along with another 341 hikes!