Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Juniper Peak

Today, March 10, is a special day for me and will always be the most important day of the year. I hiked by myself to Juniper Peak. It was the first named peak I found a route to many years ago. I remember using binoculars to scope out the route. It went pretty much as planned.

I decided to climb the face as outlined in the photo to the left. I had done it once before with Luba. It's a long climb on class 4 rock with no easy way to protect the route. I needed to test myself and get my climbing confidence back. I have not climbed well since the Sierra this past summer.

As I started to climb I kept saying to myself, "the foothold I am on is the best there is no better foothold." This is much more than positive thinking. It is not easy to get to this place. I am certainly not writing about climbing now. I do not think many will understand what I am writing about, but hopefully it will make you think.