Sunday, March 8, 2009

First Group Ascent of Rocky Gap Boulder

Today (3-8-2009), 25 hikers made their way to and stood on top of Rocky Gap Boulder, a route Davis and I found less than 10 days ago. The route travels through Graffiti Canyon. At the fork it heads south to a normally dry waterfall, but today not only was there water, but ice! This is the first time I have ever seen ice in Graffiti Canyon.

The route leaves the southern fork of the canyon about 400 yards up. It then follows a path to a sandstone apron with Rocky Gap Boulder coming into view shortly. It's an easy walk over to the boulder. The climb to the top of the boulder is class 1!

We then scrambled over to a cool overlook almost 800 feet into Lost Creek Canyon. There's still a large waterfall flowing deep in the canyon. On our descent we hiked up to Graffiti Canyon Overlook. This is a short, yet steep scramble to an overlook on the south side of Graffiti Canyon.

Once out of the canyon nobody wanted to call it a day. So we hiked to the Upper Lost Creek Waterfalls where the falls are still flowing.
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Notes: I placed a book, pen, and container at Rocky Gap Boulder.