Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hidden Peak in South Red Rock Canyon

Today I led 15 hikers to Hidden Peak. We made it to the peak in 2.5 hours, not bad for a group this size. There was water in this normally dry canyon, which made for some nice photos. I took a cool photo of Kiwi and Dave in the canyon. There's a lot of bouldering on this route. A little more than halfway through the canyon the route climbs the north wall and leads to a second canyon.
I first found and named this peak back on 1-3-97. I don't remember any details. Normally I descend this route after doing the Monument Traverse hike, one of the toughest hikes in Red Rock.
Notes: The peak desperately needs a container. The sign-in book was wet, but is now dried out. However it's hard to write in ink. A pencil would be much better.