Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

So I am out at Red Rock the other day taking a photograph of the Ice Box Climb Out Route. It looks like you could ski the route! So I get to thinking (I know, it's a dangerous thing) it would be great to photograph it from the top down into Ice Box.

Tomorrow Davis and I are going to drive up the Rocky Gap Road as far as we can and then walk to the start of the official Bridge Mtn. trail. The plan is to follow the trail and start heading just to the west of Bridge. I'll be able to get some killer shots of Bridge with all the snow on the west side! We will then walk the route over to the top of Ice Box Climb Out. I know to get down to where I want to take photos is steep, but I have a plan. Davis comes in around 250 pounds and can serve as an anchor. I am bringing 100 feet of rope. So I say, "What possibly could go wrong?"

You might be getting the idea Photography is my new passion. I think it will last longer than my last passion, but admittedly it will not be as much fun. Hey, at least I can joke about it now. I will post photos tomorrow evening.