Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bridge Mtn Like You Have Never Seen It

Yesterday (2-13), Davis and I drove up the Rockey Gap Road as far as we could and then walked in foot deep snow to the trailhead for Bridge Mtn. We were able to follow the trail remarkably well even though it was covered in deep snow.

As we gained the ridge we got our first view of Bridge. I have seen Bridge hundreds of times, but never covered in snow from this vantage point. We decided to descend to the sandstone and follow the route over to North Peak.

The snow on the sandstone was amazing. The walking was easy until we had to cross above Ice Box Canyon. One slip and you would never have to worry about taxes again! I got my shot looking down into Ice Box Canyon. It's wild thinking we climb out of Ice Box at this very spot.
We followed the North Peak Path down to the car. It was an unique experience.