Sunday, November 2, 2008

Snow in Mt. Charleston

It snowed in Mt. Charleston this weekend (See photo). It appears the snow level is around 11,000 feet. With the temperatures cooling down, the snow could stay around for a long time.

On Saturday, nine hikers scrambled through Gunsight Notch to Gunsight Notch Peak. We parked at Oak Creek trailhead and followed the new trail into Juniper Canyon. Someone has been doing a lot of work on the trail. It is now even easier to follow. The route through Juniper Canyon and Gunsight Notch is in good shape. The peak has an ammo box with a fairly new sign-in book.

On Sunday, Dana and I hiked Black Mountain in Henderson. This is a good workout type hike with over 2,000 feet of elevation gain in 2.5 miles. The shovel, which marked the trailhead, has been augmented with a trailhead sign now. At about one mile along the trail a new trail, marked by a trail sign, forks to the south and leads to Fracture Ridge. We did not take this trail, but I believe it leads to a summit just south of Black Mountain. Once at the summit of Black Mountain great views of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon, and Mt. Charleston can be seen.