Tuesday, November 4, 2008

One City - Three Distinct Hiking Areas

Within less than one hour from Las Vegas we have three very distinct hiking areas. Red Rock Canyon has some of the best rock scrambling in the country; Mt. Charleston has alpine like mountains with the highest summit topping out at just under 12,000 feet, and Lake Mead Area offers desert hiking with three hot springs all near the Colorado River. Name any other city in the country that has this diversity of hiking all within one hour's drive. You can't.

Normally in November you can hike in all three areas. It will be chilly in Mt. Charleston, but just wear layers. It's prime time for Red Rock Canyon hiking and it's cool enough to hike around Lake Mead.

Now is the time to wear layers and make sure to bring a windbreaker. Remeber it gets dark around 5 pm. Have fun and be safe out there.