Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hikes This Weekend

This weekend we will hike to Gunsight Notch Peak (named by HikingLasVegas) on Saturday. We will follow the route up through Gunsight Notch. This is an impossible looking route and that is what makes this such a great route. Here's a video of the hike.

On Sunday we will hike one of the top five classic hikes in Red Rock Canyon: Bridge Mtn and Bridge Point. The route from Bridge Mtn to Bridge Point (also named by HikingLasVegas) has to be one of the best discoveries of all time in Red Rock Canyon. Peter and I completed the route in 2002 after I had found part of the route three years earlier. This is one of the few routes that is not in the Members Only Section. Don't waste your time looking for it on the Internet... it isn't there. The only people who know the route are the hikers I have shown. Have fun this weekend; I know we will!