Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Arch and a New Peak, plus Big Horn Sheep!

I had a pretty productive day. First I went looking for a way to an unnamed peak I have been eying since doing Lost Creek Higher Overlook. It's a technical climb from the west and north. I thought it might go from the east. As I drew closer to possible gullies that might pan out, I discovered an arch! It's a milk handle type arch, about 75 feet high, but it only pulls away about 8 feet from the wall. As I looked above the arch to a ramp that looked promising, I realized it was the ramp I have climbed over a dozen times on route to Goodman Peak. I then realized the unnamed peak was actually a flat top summit I had passed more than a dozen times. I followed the route to Goodman Peak and walked 20 yards to the north over class 1 terrain to the unnamed peak! So, based on how deceived I was about the location and the route to the peak, I named it Deception Peak.

I found a better way to the gully with the log across it that leads to Willow Springs Overlook/GoodmanPeak. Instead of heading toward the gully, veer right and stay on good rock. Once to a wall, head left across easy terrain to the gully. Now for the gully, head up as usual looking for a big cairn off to the right. By taking this right for you avoid the loosest part of the gully.

During my descent I cairned the upper part of the route to Willow Springs Overlook/Goodman Peak. The route is in very good shape. As I turned a corner I saw numerous big horn sheep. All in all a great day.