Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lost Creek Higher Overlook Route

It's published! Members can download it now. This will become a classic Red Rock hike. After a short walk on Lost Creek trail, it's all scrambling. And that is stretching the word some. There's some real climbing on this one and some mega exposure. Most hikers will take a long look at the step across before committing to it. The climb to the roof looks technical from below (See Photo). Then there's the hideout. This will spark people's imagination.
Once at the overlook, which features great views into Lost Creek Canyon, hikers can decide if they want to extend the route by hiking to either Willow Springs Overlook or Goodman Peak. The hike without going to Willow Springs Overlook or Goodman Peak is only four hours long.
I will be leading this hike for members once the days are shorter. This route is very well cairned.