Saturday, October 25, 2008

Lost Creek North Fork Climb Out

On Friday, Dana and I climbed out of the north fork of Lost Creek Canyon. I eyed this route a few days ago from Lost Creek Canyon Higher Overlook. The route (photo to the left) went well. We had to do some "cleaning", but once up higher the route was very clean and had some fun class 3 climbing. The route intersects Graffiti Ridge about 200 feet below the wild traverse above Graffiti Canyon. We then descended Graffiti Canyon. He's an overview of the route. Although it took us some time to find and clean the route, I think it will be faster than staying in the north fork of Lost Creek and ultimately descending Graffiti Canyon. This new route is shorter, has more scrambling, and some great views. It could also be used to scramble to Lost Creek Peak via the backside. I have not published that route. In fact, I have only done that route twice. Regardless which way hikers do this new route, I think they will like it.