Thursday, October 9, 2008

Magic Mountain in Red Rock

Ed, Luba, Kenny and I hiked Magic Mountain today. We took a slightly different approach to the start of the climb. This new route is much better than the traditional approach up the steep and loose slope. The route follows the first ridge the Arnight trail intersects. It then ascends a drainage before topping out on the hiker's path I created. As we continued on the route, I cleaned the route which needed it. It's amazing how fast scrub oak grows. Magic Mountain is a favorite route of many hikers.

I heard the BLM is considering raising the entrance fee to Red Rock Canyon. Not to worry: to make this simple decision the BLM states it will take over one year to decide. Ridiculous! This is one of many problems at Red Rock Canyon: they can't make decisions or take years to make a decision that an individual would make in a very short time. Gee I wonder how much revenue they will lose while they are discussing this issue?