Saturday, October 11, 2008

Black Velvet Peak Hike

Today (10-11) six hikers braved the winds and hiked to the summit of Black Velvet Peak. Through the canyon the winds were mild or still. Once we topped out on the ridge, the winds kicked up. Although I have been on this hike with stronger winds, it was pretty cold for an October day. Once at the highest summit we hiked over to the other summit that stands directly above the 2,000 foot Black Velvet Wall. I placed an ammo box and sign-in book at this summit. As we descended we followed the climber's path all the way out until it intersected the trail. This eliminated the cross country walk through the desert to find the main trail. The route is in pretty good shape; however, the traverse over the limestone still is hard to follow in a few spots. Off to do Monument Traverse today!