Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fletcher Peak - Route is in Great Shape!

Today (7-19), eighteen hikers followed the route through Hummingbird Hollow to Fletcher Peak. The route is in great shape. In fact, there's a path almost all the way to the summit! We had some new hikers and they were very impressive. Try moving from Kansas less than a month ago and never being to elevation! Oh yeah, and she wore beat up tennis shoes! Not bad for a flatlander!
Sandee, my friend from spin class, also did great being her first time at elevation, though I knew from spin class she is tough.

It was a great day with the perfect mix of people and good weather. There's a sign-in book at the summit found in an ammo box. Since I was not feeling good, we descended the same way we ascended. It was easy to follow the path all the way back to the trailhead. This saved at least an hour versus returning via the North Loop trail.