Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photographs from Almost 10,000 Feet Above Vegas

A young photographer asked an old pro how he could take better photos. The old pro replied, "Stand in front of more interesting subjects." I took that advice and was on Mummy Mtn. Wednesday at sunset and Thursday morning at sunrise. Yeah, I camped on Mummy. Is not easy ascending the scree slope with a 60+ pound pack, but I think the photos I took were worth it.

The above photo was taken from Mummy Mountain. That's Mummy's Toe just beyond the bristlecone and Las Vegas in the background. I took several photos during the evening light and even more during sunrise the next morning. Since there was not a cloud in the sky, I did not put the rainfly on the tent. I could look out my tent and see the lights of Vegas and the stars above. This spot on Mummy has some of the most unique bristlecones. They say the bristlecone forest on White Mountain is the best, but they have never seen the bristlecones on Mummy. I don't believe many people will, at least not in person. Someone once wrote there's no easy way to Mummy. And I was right! At least no easy way with a 60 pound backpack. Yeah, a little "BC" creeping in.

This has been a rather intense Monsoon season already. Several hikers have told me they have been chased off the mountain. I have seen what the rains have done to the trails, leaving deep ruts in several places. Get an early start and keep an eye to the sky.