Monday, May 26, 2008

Snow Storm in Charleston

A winter snow storm dumped a massive amount of snow in Mt. Charleston this past weekend: May 24th and 25th! The photo to the left was taken today (5-26-2008). Clouds cover the the snow-capped Charleston Peak. Reports I have read generally confirm snow starting around the 9,000 foot level. This will set things back for awhile in Charleston. Today (5-26), we hiked Fletcher Canyon. It was dry, but I expect water will be flowing as soon as the snow starts to melt. Big Falls, Little Falls, and Mary Jane Falls should be at their peak water flow later this week.
Where else in the country could you have gone this weekend and had a choice of hiking to a hot springs (Lake Mead), to the top of a 1,200 foot wall in a sleet storm (Red Rock), or in a blizzard (Mt. Charleston)? And all of these hikes were less than 60 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip!