Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lousy Weather Equals Great Hikes

The forecast called for rain and record low temperatures, but that did not discourage a handful of hikers on Saturday and Sunday. Five of us made it to the top of Rainbow Wall on Saturday under very dark skies. At times the clouds were so thick we could not see more that 100 yards. Once at the top of Rainbow Wall, it started sleeting and sleeting and sleeting. Before long there was nearly three inches of sleet on the ground (see photo to the left). Unbelievably, by the time we reached the top of the red ramp (about 20 minutes), the sleet stopped and it was sunny! I have stood at the top of Rainbow Wall more times than I can remember; this was the best.
It was raining hard as I drove to Red Rock on Sunday. I was thinking the Scenic Loop might be closed. However, within a half mile of the turnoff for Red Rock the rain all but stopped. There were only four of us at the parking lot. After Saturday's adventure, I was ready for another awesome hike. I guess the others were afraid of the weather. We changed our plans and hiked to Gunsight Notch Peak via Gunsight Notch Canyon. It never rained on us. The photo to the right is how it looked at the trailhead. It was another good hike with lots of photo opportunities.