Friday, March 14, 2008

It's Prime Time for Red Rock Canyon!

Perfect temperatures, long days, and tons of great routes in Red Rock Canyon. Does it get any better than this? I am sure everyone reading this has a favorite hike. Here are my picks for the best hikes in Red Rock:

Easy Hikes -
Calico Tank Photo
Fern Canyon Slide Show
Las Vegas Overlook Photo

Moderate Hikes-
Juniper Peak Slide Show
Boot Boulder Photo
Terrace Canyon Slide Show

Advanced Hikes-
Bridge Mtn via Ice Box Canyon Slide Show
Mt. Wilson via Cleaver Crack Slide Show
Rainbow Peak without the Ledges Slide Show

And the good news is members can go on the advanced hikes with us.
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Do you have a favorite hike in Red Rock? Make a comment and let us know.