Monday, March 17, 2008

Snow in Red Rock and Charleston

Yes, both Red Rock and Mt. Charleston got dumped on over the weekend. (The photo is looking up Kyle Canyon road towards Charleston Peak) However, with the forecast calling for temps in the seventies this week, the snow in Red Rock should melt fast. I believe by this weekend only north facing routes will have some snow. All waterfalls (Lost Creek, First Creek, Fern Canyon, Mud Springs) will be flowing big time.
Charleston is a different story. Currently all trails and routes will have snow. It looks like the snow starts around 6,500 feet. By early April Fletcher Canyon should be doable and flowing big time. Give Big Falls and Mary Jane Falls an additional few weeks before hiking to those waterfalls. This is based on no more snow. I have seen Red Rock get dumped on in the middle of April! Not common, but it can happen.