Thursday, February 14, 2008

Why I Don't Hike in the Wind

I'll make this real simple: It's not fun! I don't know anyone who likes the wind. We have done Black Velvet in gust of wind so strong I thought hikers were going to be blown off the ridge. One time on Mt. Rose (notorious for wind), I thought I was going to be blown away! The wind also brings blowing dust, dirt, and sand. I don't like a face full of dirt and sand. Another reason I don't like wind is it's hard to hear other hikers. Normally this is just an annoyance, but at times it can be dangerous. Routes that follow ridges are the worst hikes during high winds.
Wind and photography don't mix well. Not only is the visibility obscured (at least sometimes), the blowing dust and dirt is bad for your camera. The only kind of wind I like is from a fan while a sleep.
The above photo is Calico Tank during a wind storm!