Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Arizona Hot Springs and Fortress Butte

Saturday (2-16), we hiked to Arizona Hot Springs with a stop on top of Fortress Butte. This is a fun way to do the hot springs. Fortress Butte is visible from the trailhead and makes for a good workout before relaxing in the hot springs. The hike to the summit has some fun climbing with a fair amount of exposure. I recairned the route, so it's now in good shape again.
The hot spring was in great shape. Near the source the water temperature was around 102 degrees! It felt great. I am a big believer in the therapeutic value of natural hot springs.

Sunday (2-17), we hiked to Indecision Peak. This is a rarely climbed peak just south of Mt. Wilson. We set up cairns that had been knocked down. The route goes past one of the most magnificent boulders in Red Rock. Click on photo, upper left. Although Indecision is not my favorite peak, the route is interesting and makes for a good winter time hike.